Equity Loan Insurance is a member of the Indonesian Insurance Group, which is one of the world’s largest insurance groups and operates on a truly global basis.
The group’s mission is to help customers understand and protect themselves from risk.  Our products & services We have a growing range of commercial insurance products specifically designed for Individual planning to start up business, small to medium sized businesses, and personal products including high net worth insurance, life, Loan and protection products.

Our expertise: We work to influence long term societal issues like care, financial literacy and savings. Along with our dedication to creating an inclusive workplace, we help to fund the Asian and american Community Trust charity with an annual gift of profit and business time from our employees.

These are distributed through a nationwide network of intermediaries to ensure a local and expert service. We all know itʼs a good idea to put some money away for a rainy day, but do we know the pros and cons to saving and investing? If youʼre saving for something in the short term (generally seen as less than five years), then a traditional savings account could be the way to go. Your money is largely secure with easy access, but over the long term inflation could eat away at the value of your savings.